Features Of How To Make A Shirley Temple That Make Everyone Love It.

How To Make A Shirley Temple  hello welcome today be making for you guys in non-alcoholic drink and it’s called a Shirley Temple and of course if you wanted to amp it up and add alcohol to it you can add any type of Rome to this recipe or spiced rum white rum any type you can so for this you’re gonna need a shaker and if you don’t have one that’s okay you’ll need some ginger ale or sprite lemon juice orange juice a wedge of orange

How To Make A Shirley Temple

and a cherry to garnish you have the measuring cup I have a chilled glass with some ice some simple syrup and if you don’t have simple syrup or you can get it you can make it yourself with equal parts of sugar and water and you boil it off until it’s thick and you’ll need some grenadine “How To Make A Shirley Temple”

syrup so to make a Shirley Temple I’m gonna put the ice into to the ice I’m gonna add in half of a part of lemon juice and one part orange juice half part of a simple syrup and half of a part of grenadine syrup we’re gonna cover this you have a Serena but I’m not using this Trina cover closed and you’re gonna vigorously sheet you’re gonna pour the mixture into your glass top with some ginger ale or sprite

How To Make A Shirley Temple

and garnish with a cherry and a wedge of orange so here you have it my Shirley Temple drink I hope you guys who are non alcoholics and kids out there enjoy this recipe for the holiday season make it a let me know down below if you like it remember as I said you can amp it up with some alcohol if you like any type of your choice ever wanted a tasty drink to go with your dinner if you have the following three ingredients you’ll be able to make what’s known as a show of example four girls and a Roy Rogers four boys Otto lead is lemon-lime soda grenadine maraschino cherries and some ice cubes first we’re gonna add some ice cubes then we’re gonna pour it in some soda any lemon-lime soda will do then we’re gonna pour in splash of grenadine and add some choice Mixel now a straw and get ready to enjoy delicious How To Make A Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple with their dinner but this one’s for the adults this is a naughty Shirley Temple my variation uses a vanilla vodka tall glass with some ice Russian Stoli vanilla vodka grenadine and you can top with lemon-lime soda or ginger ale three cherries for good luck and there you are the naughty Shirley

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