How To Make Your easy breakfast ideas

Easy breakfast ideas

Hey guys and welcome back to my Blogs I hope you are all doing well in today’s the article I’m going to be sharing with you guys seven different easy breakfast ideas that are super quick to make so you bit easier to make and perfect for weight loss, I decided to include seven different breakfast recipes so you guys can have one for every morning of the week so with that being said make sure to give this article a big thumbs up if you enjoy it subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on any of my new articles and leave your thoughts comments opinions down below in the comment section because I tried to read every single comment so without rambling on for too much longer let me show you guys some of my favorite breakfast recipes the first breakfast idea is something that I call way pigs and berries so for this you need three weeks biscuits with some almond milk you can, of course, use regular milk what I do then is pop it in the microwave for about 35 to 40 seconds once it is out I then break down the weet-bix to form a perch like consistency and then I add in some frozen berries, of course, you can use fresh berries but the heat to melt down the frozen berries and then for some sweetness I add some honey.


easy breakfast ideas

I love honey with berries and weet-bix and then for extra fiber, I add in some chia seeds and they have my first breakfast idea I love how simple yet delicious this recipe is this next easy breakfast idea is probably one of my favorites, I just toasted two pieces of wholemeal bread popped on top of that some organic natural peanut butter and then I sliced up a banana this one was a small to medium banana and just popped the banana on top of both slices and there you have what I call peanut butter and banana on toast probably one of the most delicious breakfast recipes ever this next breakfast idea is a fruit salad so I’ve got one green apple that I’ve washed and I’m just chopping it into small pieces to the fruit salad, I’m also adding in an orange and I’m just chopping it into similar sizes as I chopped the apples into you and then I also added in some strawberries three to be exact and just chopping that into small pieces as well of course with this fruit salad you can tailor it to your favorite fruit so choose fruits that you enjoy I’m then adding in the strawberries to the bowl of all the fruits I’ve chopped up already and then to that, I’m adding in some blueberries because blueberries are super good for you and they are so delicious I love berries as you guys would know already to this free salad, you guys can also, add some plain Greek yogurt and some honey but I just decided to keep it simple today

easy breakfast ideas

so this next recipe is by far my favorite, so I toast the two pieces of wholemeal bread, and to that I’m adding in this new the thing that I’ve discovered natural and Nutella this tastes very similar to Nutella but it is made by all natural and organic ingredients which I am winning, and then to that I’m just chopping up some or slicing up some strawberries to add on top of that and I love this because I feel like I’m trading myself but it’s still healthy almost feels like a dessert, so I love love love having.

for this next recipe, you need to start with some Greek yogurt I added in 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt into a bowl and then to that, I added in some organic toasted muesli I then added some sliced banana to the mix and then, of course, some chia seeds and they have probably one of the quickest and easiest breakfast ideas

for this next recipe, I used for this rice and corn cakes and then on top of them I spread over some lab knee which is Lebanese yogurt I’m pretty sure you can buy this at Kohl’s or your local middle-eastern grocer and then this is where some footage got cut but I all I did was slice up a cucumber add that on top and then sprinkle over some cracked black pepper and they have yet another really simple breakfast idea I love having this with a big mug of black tea  for this next recipe I’m going to show you guys how I make my own granola slices the first thing that I did was just take a handful of almonds and walnuts and crush them up I then added in two tablespoons of crushed pistachios and then to the mix, I added in one cup of fruit and nut muesli and then I also added in some coconut I’m pretty sure it was a quarter of a cup to be exact so you bind the mixture together I then added in some honey and I’m pretty sure overall I put in maybe half a cup of honey, I just make sure that I put enough so yeah make sure that the mixture came together I then for flavor but also to bind it together as well added in some peanut butter be a natural organic when you saw from before and then I just added in a splash of almond milk I then mixed

easy breakfast ideas

the ingredients all together I made sure to use my hands because of that is probably the best way it’s going to bind together, of course, easy breakfast ideas you can use clean hands or gloves like me either one is fine and then once all the mixture came together I had pre-aligned a square baking dish and just pop the mixture in there and spread it out with my hands and then once I got it nice and even I popped it into the fridge for a few hours you just want to make sure that it is nice and set so you can actually form slices and this is what it should look like when it is nice and set I then tried my best to evenly portion them so I came out with nine slices I then took them out of the baking dish and pop them on a white plate these slices are perfect to have in the morning with your coffee or if you are in a rush and need to have breakfast on the go is a so easy to pack and take with you so there are seven different breakfast ideas I really do hope you enjoyed this the blogs I really hope you gained some meal inspiration from these types of article if you’d like to see more then let me know if you have any other suggestions then feel free to leave them down below in the comment section and yeah I hope you have a beautiful day or night from wherever you are and I’ll see you guys in my next Article bye guys. next article

How To Make Your easy breakfast ideas
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How To Make Your easy breakfast ideas
I love honey with berries and weet-bix and then for extra fiber, I add in some chia seeds and they have my first breakfast idea I love how simple yet delicious this recipe is this next easy breakfast idea

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