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Best protein shakes Now I want to start off this article by saying that if you’re a girl this article applies to you as well protein shakes aren’t just to help bodybuilders build muscle it’s also for the average person trying to build lean muscle mass and whether you’re a guy or a girl you have to build lean muscle mass if you want to be healthy and I promise you protein shakes won’t make you fat or bulky nan one of my earliest articles I spoke about whether or not protein shakes are safe and whether or not you should be taking them now so one of my earliest articles so the camera quality and all that is pretty rubbish but the content is legit so make sure you check it out also very big reason I made that articles so that you can convince your parents to let you buy protein shakes they’re a hundred percent healthy for you you have my word on that but let’s get to the point when you’re trying to buy a protein shake what should you be looking out, for now, the main thing, in my opinion, is the price of the protein shake I say that because one of my personal ideals when it comes to fitness is that fitness and a fit lifestyle should be a long term process it should be something

Best protein shakes

you just adopt for some time and then let go of once you get bored of it it should be as normal for you as brushing your teeth or having a bath every day whether you’re a guy trying to get that superhero body or a girl trying to get a bikini body you need to adopt fitness and a fit lifestyle as a long-term concept and the word long-term goes with the word sustainability this process needs to be sustainable especially when it comes to money you can’t expect to spend a ton of money on just supplements they’re too small a part of the bigger picture I see so many people spending like 10k 20k on just something like supplements when really they should be spending more money on gyms or on the kind of food they eat but it’s always about supplements now most people’s fitness goal should be to build lean muscle mass and if you are trying to build lean muscle mass you will need protein supplements

Best protein shakes

in the long term you can’t expect to just buy a protein supplement once and expect that effect to last forever so instead of spending tens of thousands of rupees on expensive supplements instead go for a slightly more sustainable cheaper supplement so the next time you’re buying a protein shake look at the price of the protein shake and ask yourself if in two or three months you can spend that much money again and that’s also the reason I don’t recommend expensive protein shakes like isolates to the average person isolates a super expensive like maybe almost double the price of your regular whey protein and what I say is giving you they just saving that 10 or 15 grams of carbs they’re getting absorbed slightly quicker and they saving you one few calories now isolates are great if you’re a competing bodybuilder or if you have an unlimited supply of money and you can afford to spend that much but for the average beginner in the gym you know the average kid the average college student isolates aren’t a very practical decision if you have the choice between a swanky expensive isolate and just a humble whey protein concentrate always go for the whey protein concentrate yes you’ll be getting a little extra carbs and calories but you’re saving that much money and you can stand all that remaining money two three months later when you concentrate gets done but with the isolate you’re spending 10k two months later spending another 10k it’s just so and for the absolute noobs out there people who don’t know anything about protein shakes rupees five thousand five hundred is about the average we take for a normal protein shake anything below that is cheap anything above that is kind of expensive also very crucial thing to keep in mind is that the price of protein shakes keeps varying so if you come across a time where protein shakes are super cheap go for it buy it in bulk and keep it it has a very long shelf life so you can keep it for about two years and while we’re on this topic about supplements and how much money people spend on supplements I highly recommend you go and watch that article it’s my article on beginners supplements and how in India especially I’ve seen that too many people are too concerned with the kind of supplements they’re taking and not concerned at all with the kind of regime the following or the diet the following otherwise which is 20 times more important than the supplement you’re taking so make sure you check it out point number two while selecting a protein shake other specifications so you want to be looking out for at least 24 grams of protein per scoop for a whey protein concentrate anything below that is a bit too low that means it’s not a good quality protein shake and as for the carb content of the protein shake anything below 5 grams of carbs per scoop is perfectly fine that means it’s a good protein shake some protein shakes a slightly higher carb content especially the cheap the kind of high the about 15 grams per scoop so if you go into the Gemini tryna put on lean muscle mass and put on weight you should remind those extra carbs but if you’re honest severe weight loss pre or if you’re not low-carb diet or something like that then go for the slightly more expensive super low carb protein shake and point number three while buying a protein shake now again this is a very in their specific point now the bitter truth is that many many many places in India adulterate the protein powders so buying a protein in India is a really risky thing to do you need to be super sure that the person you’re buying from can be trusted completely okay so the solution to this especially if you’re a beginner to this whole gyming process is that you find someone who lives near your house who’s been doing for about three years don’t listen to people who’ve just been doing for under or your chances are that they have a lot of bro science knowledge and they’ll guide you wrong so the protocol is you ask this

Best protein shakes

experienced GMO remember three years or more where they buy that protein shakes from if they live near your house chances are that they buy it somewhere near your house so that’s a safe option so before you buy protein from a local store make sure you cross-check with someone else who’s already bought a product from that particular store and finally coming to the part that most of you are watching this article for the protein shakes I use and recommend so my number one protein shake that I recommend is an ultimate nutrition Pro star whey protein shake it’s the best in terms of flavor taste mix ability the kind of protein quality and the kind of effect it has on my body protein number two is on or optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein which is as good as ultimate nutrition SPRO star in almost every way the only downside is that it’s kind of bland when compared to ultimate nutrition and it’s about 500 bucks more for about 5 pounds and finally the third protein shake that I recommend that I’ve used myself is muscle blaze whey protein so these were the three protein shakes I recommend hey guys that was the article for today I hope you guys liked it now while back at launch my full day of eating article we’re kind of showing you the diet I follow when I’m on a lean bulk keep in mind much more important than your protein shake and all your supplements is the kind of diet you follow and the regime you follow the diet side is covered in that article so make sure you take a look either way until next time guys if you want to follow my personal fitness journey follow me on these and make sure you like my Facebook page as well so until next week see you guys

Best protein shakes
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Best protein shakes
Now I want to start off this article by saying that if you're a girl this article applies to you as well protein shakes aren't just to help bodybuilders build muscle it's also for the average person trying to build lean muscle mass and whether you're a guy or a girl you have to build lean muscle mass if you want to be healthy and I promise you protein shakes won't make you fat

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